[ Approved] C1 Guild November Social Media Management

How can I know the ones who voted and who hasn’t? It looks like their names don’t appear when they do.

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Updated :blush: Sorry, for that.

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@Dacha , could you kindly put to me how you mean for your last reply.

Hello @marketingdao-council , @cryptocredit @so608 @Klint @Dacha @satojandro. Greetings.
Please let’s do well to look at this poll and give feedback on what’s fate of this approved proposal that payout has tarried for quite long.

Many thanks :pray:.

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Approved on Astro! Token not received !?



Have you filled out the form required in the new process? Please review this thread:


Yes. I have completed every step.


It was only approved on Astro one day ago, please sit tight whilst the Finance team process this.


Hello :wave:
Not sure about what’s next but the approved poll’s been over two weeks but token haven’t been received. @David_NEAR

Hey, looks like a reward agreement was sent to your provided email but it has yet to be signed and returned. Can you please check for a Docusign email?

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@David_NEAR , I’m not sure I received the Docusign mail but I checked all through and still can’t find an email for such. Maybe resending it will help.

I await reply to this @marketingdao-council

@Purpledots Your poll has been approved on Astro since 3/29 so I assume the delay must be related to the KYC process, which is not something the MarketingDAO is involved with.

What do I now do? @so608

This isn’t the email that was used to fill out the form, it was @Dedeukwu’s email address so the Docusign will have been sent there

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Hi fam, I have 2 mail spunkyblack1@gmail.com and dedeukwu@mindcontrol.video and I’ve checked in both i can’t find any message related to this.

I remember filling a KYC with my passport details and photographed image but no signature option attached, no feedback and no coin came to my wallet pls let me know if there’s anything i need to do from my end.

It was sent to the first email.

Will have it resent :white_check_mark:

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Thank you :blush:

Might have missed it sorry.

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Update on this…

I have signed and received the @Purpledots Crypto this morning, also forwarded it to her wallet.

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Thank you marketing DAO, token received.:pray:

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