[APPROVED] Budget Request Chidren of the Dao - June 2022


Hello Everyone!
Our community is growing, and the projects are evolving in an educational at the same time fun way, where participants are giving really excellent feedback.

Here are the

We are producing another series of activities and educational material.


Those are our activities for this month:

Paint and Share

Budget: 1000 USD


Illustrated Video: Explaining Web 3

Budget: 1250 USD


Generative First Contact Workshop

Budget Asked : 1250 USD

We created a workshop to introduce the generative art tools for newcomers.
We will guide the participants trough the whole process from the basics to create a NFT in the end.

First Contact Workshop

Total Budget : 3500 USD
Councils Reward = 1500 USD

  • Our material are exclusively for educational and informative purposes and the only for adults.

Council Board




Hello Children of the DAO!

As we transition as a community and prepare ourselves to give bigger reports back to NEAR Foundation for the metrics of our Creatives DAO Community, we would like to ask if you could add in a section at the end of your proposal around your expected metrics for success. This can be things likes number of participants expected, what outcomes, which/how many products, etc. Basically consolidating your outcomes into metrics. This will make it easier to relate to those number when you make your next report and when we make a larger report for the community as a whole.

We need the community to share metrics on their proposals in an effort to collectively prepare to approach NF to prove our value. I believe there is a way to do this with ease, we can help if you need help, our intention is for everyone to unify and gain stability in this moment. Next month we will implement a clear guideline of what is expected.

Thank you so much!


Is there a link for this workshop?

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Yes! Here it goes : First Contact Workshop



Great initiative! We are here to do everything that is needed to grow and improve. We will prepare those metrics. How I introduce this? In the next month proposal or a topic only for that?

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if you could please add them to this proposal or as a comment on this post!

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@adrianseneca sure! For the next month we are implementing a system to those metrics. And a unique topic will be made for.

Thank you! Just to clarify we are asking to include metrics for this month :slight_smile:


Estimated reach:
More than 30 people received nfts with illustrations of Brazilian flora and will have information about the content.
100+ reach in publications

Products: 10 NFTS with 50 Editions each
60 nfts will be sent to community member wallets

(mintbase platform)

100 physical copies of the illustrations will be given to art and biology teachers at Escola Esperança. Brazilian public school located in Santa Cruz do Sul. State of Rio Grande do Sul.

Prizes: 5 best paintings from the Near community will receive a prize of 35 USD.

@adrianseneca my proposal


Hello Adrian, here the metrics you have asked about number of expected participants, which results, which products, etc.

Explaining Web 3.0 Metrics

Result: About 16 drawings to illustrate the concepts of each part of the video: 2 to explain web 1.0, 4 for web 2.0 and 10 for web 3.0 concepts. These images will be grouped in an infographic, along with the Near logo, summarizing what was explained in the video, as was done in the “comic strips workshop” and “what is a DAO” videos.

Video posted on Youtube between 12 to 20 minutes that will be added to the other videos we have published and will continue to publish during the year, with the intention of content marketing for our DAO and Near, following the theory of the long tail . The expected number of views, based on the last videos we posted like the “comic strips workshop” and “what is a DAO”, is between 50 to 100 people organically in one month. But we are planning to use paid traffic to reach more people.

2 posts on instagram, one in the form of a carousel presenting the video and the topics covered along with a call to go watch it on our Youtube channel, and another later, with a single image, remembering the video post and again with the call to action . We also plan to implement the use of paid traffic so more people are aware of our video production and other content, our DAO and the Near ecosystem.


Hello @adrianseneca, while @whoiscavenaghi is resolving some personal issues, I’m answering here for her as a Council of Children of the DAO, as well as in the topic of her proposal.

Generative Art First Contact Workshop - Metrics

We estimate a number of participants similar to the “How collectibles works” project, around 10 people, with the possibility of having more people.

Each participant will be encouraged to produce 1 to 3 generative artworks and transform them into NFT, generating between 10 to 30 NFTs that will be minted at the Children of the DAO store at Mintbase (to be created).

Purchase of 3 NFTs for 10 Near each, and each NFT from a different participant, in order to further stimulate student production.

I hope the metrics of the 3 proposals are in line with your requirements and we can start these projects as soon as possible.

Thak you very much.


Thank you all for your patience and providing great responses to my questions. I am happy to say this proposal follows the Creatives DAO Guidelines, so it is approved by the Community Moderators. Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts. Also, Feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for Better Organization


Do you have any telegram channel?

Thank you too, Adrian, for taking the time to read our projects. I’m glad we were able to answer all your questions and follow the Creatives DAO Guidelines