[Approved] August 2022 Social Media - Near Insider Guild

Some are having grants as well :slight_smile:

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Ok, thank You. Happy to support reduced amount.


Thank you! I would love to hear your comments @Klint @satojandro @cryptocredit

Hi @Klint @cryptocredit and @satojandro . It’s been more than 15 days I have not received a response from you. Let me know if you have any suggestions. We will make adjustments as appropriate and necessary. We also need to run our team so understand our job. Also, if you feel that some of the things we have created like youtube are unnecessary, we will stop now because I think it’s good for the current and future ecosystem. We propose based on value created, so we do not profit on these recommendations without creating any value. Thanks for reading!

and $10000 requested for August. For this amount of funding I need to have a better understanding of the ‘value’ this proposal brings to the near ecosystem.


Hi @cryptocredit thanks for reply! You can check out my suggestions above. We have added the youtube channel building. This is a good promotion platform for projects, it will be very useful for campaigns like IDO, game launching, project introduction, etc. And we also only add $2800 for it
Last month, we started the youtube channel with zero, and then you refused to sponsor when the channel did not create any value. But after 1 month we have 1200 subscribers and build content according to the roadmap set out here
For phase 1, we built the “Weekly Highlights” format quite well and it was well received by everyone

We are reviewing the newsletter daily and may stop it if it doesn’t work. And go to stage 2, build in-depth content types such as series such as: Project Overview, How it work, Skin in the game, Tutorial, etc
Finally, I think $2800 for youtube is not much and I believe it’s very very useful in the future.

Hey guys – I think it’s great that you’re trying to grow and motivated about promoting NEAR through new content. The reality is that you’ve received $19.2K since May and this new funding request would bring that total to ~$29.2K, which is a lot of funding for a single project.

I am typically also pretty wary/skeptical when the requested amount matches our $10K funding cap exactly – it makes it look like you’re prioritizing maxing out activities vs. aiming to refine and improve the growth and engagement on your platforms.

Are there other metrics you can share with us that demonstrate the value to the ecosystem beyond social following/reach? How many people are being onboarded through the guild’s work? Are the projects you’re promoting showing growth and onboarding through these activities?


Hi @so608 have a nice day!
First, talk about social media, as you know we have launched for 9 months and we has contributed a lot of quality content to the ecosystem, such as updating and synthesizing important news, converting news into insights articles, helping users have more perspectives on the ecosystem. You can see our monthly report: April, May, June, July. Next is about the content, I am willing to remove the factors of followers/reach because really if we do not do well, there will not be those numbers. We have an explicit content direction:

Second, talk about activites, more than 20 projects have contacted us to organize the AMA, obviously Nearians are on our channel a lot, and they know that we can reach many people, that’s the power and value of us. You can see the stats for each of our AMAs this month

Third, 6-7 projects that we support every month have grown in branding, reaching more users. They have given very good feedback about our support. Although we support 6-7 new projects every month, we always help old registered projects when they need it. Especially is Near Games, we support them every month. You can check our report above and check register form here: Guild - Google Sheets

Besides, You can also see the proposals on this forum, many projects have tagged us for their marketing proposal, proving their trust in us:
[Approved] LP DAO monthly budget for August
[Approved] The Auction DAO | Marketing DAO | June 2022
Varda Game and NFT ecosystem tools - second tranche

Finally, about youtube channel, if you think it has no more value, we will reduce rewards with total is $9000. Even $2800 per month for video production is not much

Thanks for reading! Hope you can understanding our work

Thanks for elaborating.

I would also be willing to consider this proposal if the Youtube amount gets scrapped. The content hasn’t changed much from one month ago. Daily videos are largely the same without much insight, view or engagement. You also claim to have 1500 views when in your screenshot there are 1.15k and in mine 1.21k. Growth is good, exaggerated claims in budgets are bad.

Are the AMAs recorded? If possible, would be good to have access to them and their analytics.

Overall, I am willing to support this proposal if the amount requested is reduced.

I also want to note that the NEAR ecosystem is changing rapidly and the community is demanding better marketing. We are actively inviting new players and seeking to rewards top performers. Ongoing funding is not guaranteed.

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Hello @satojandro I agree reduce rewards: $8800. And I would like to clarify a few issues as follows:

  1. Subscribers youtube: 1500 for Aug and now we have not finish Aug
  2. Content: As I talked with @Dacha above, we will change the content, keep “Weekly Highlights” and remove “24h Movement”. And continue phase 2. Build quality content and useful for projects like Project Overview, Tutorial, How it work, Skin in the game, attract users use Near Wallet, etc. This is the plan that we proposed last month
  3. AMAs record:
    As for the AMAs on the 23rd, 26th, 27th, I will report later

I can see that some videos dont even have 100+ views. I dont see any value addition here with those 24hr price movement videos.
The Weekly Highlight is the attraction one among the people.
Maybe just ask fundings for the weekly one for the time being and bring more users to add value and can reduce the requested funding.

July you guys had only one moderator present but you guys asked fundings for 2, can use the remaining funds.

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Hi @Hitman2565 exactly, thanks for comment. We decided remove “24h movement”. We will deploy new content as said above.

Final reward: $8800. Pls confirm if you happy with this @Dacha @satojandro @cryptocredit @so608

in past time Near Insider get a grant from DAOcubator program with $10k with Media & Marketing for web3 on NEAR. (Question1) do you think @near.insider seriously to have a report for this program from this grant?

Total rewards and grant $39.2k



your revenue

And by the addresses that you publish on your desk service to recieve payment from your paid partnership. (Question2)Could you sum total income or some thing like Financial Statement since you create those address in the time you start on NEAR?

Total revenue by those address
Aurora: 0x133B01F56b7b85d450c5807d7dAfEECD299f3Aee
NEAR: Near_insider.near
specially BEP20: 0xB80c98cfa57562f39de69830d4810F5c697812a5

debank check bep20
debank check aurora

Total revenue that you recieve since from DAOcubator upto ~ $20k - $30k

The time that you create those wallets just also after you recieve grant by Astrodao just 1 - 3 month

Estimate Total revenue: $30k

Total earning from DAO grant&rewards $69.2k

Btw,(Question3) could you explain why MarketingDAO have to pay reward and grant(incubator) for you to expect you have more and more activites on NEAR but how you start your new channel with another blockchain (in this case Flow Insider)

Tag @marketingdao-council For understading this issue when manage media
Tag @David_NEAR
Tag another team that have certain support and review Near insider proposals and grant

My advising and thinking:

  • i think your team should just focus on NEAR with high brainstorm to improve performance media and creative on NEAR(optional - upto you)
  • You should reduce your monthly reward, your revenue is so good for your team countinue to maintain and growth.(must)

Recently I have read some personal attacks on our forum, My saying in this forum is intended to help and stimulate stakeholders to be active and develop more value for the community. I will stop conversation that have any personally critical.

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Hello @DeepNearFoundation thanks for comment. I will explain some things we did and why I submit this proposal
Q1: About grant from DAOcubator. In fact we have only just disbursed $5K, and the money has been hacked. Also, this activity is not related to our activity on twitter. We support DAO research and analysis. You can check with Ankit, leader of Daocubator.

So total funding so far is $19K. But you’re just counting the money we make, we actually have to spend on user education activities. Please see the reports we have sent above. The hard costs that we have to cover include salary, office, in addition, twitter activities like AMA, giveaway, telegram activities like quiz. And you shoudn’t just charge people-based costs. Building an operating structure within a company as well as planning and content strategy is not easy. It needs brainstorming and brainstorming continuously.

Q2: Absolutely no story we got up to 30K from Daocubator. We only get $5K and only 1 time, you can check with them yourself. $69.2K oh no we wish we had that number. There is no verification that we receive money from them and in fact if we receive funding from them it is not relevant to this proposal. Because Daocubator’s orientation is to incubate start-ups. They offered us to research and build our own project, but we refused. Next in terms of revenue, we partnered with some projects like an ambassador, and they paid us according to the kpis achieved, they also stopped when they hit the bear market. And once again it has nothing to do with this proposal.
Besides revenue from Aurora as you said, it’s from design for projects like Wannaswap, banners on Wannaswap Twitter are designed by us, and they pay for us $500 per month, also is rewards from AMA, Giveaway

Q3: Flow Insider is also part of one of our companies, but it is run by a different team. We remain focused and NEAR under my leadership. And again this is not relevant to our proposal. You just need to be interested in the development of Near Insider. With 3 platforms that we are focusing on: Twitter, Telegram, Youtube and coming soon Website intergrate WEB3

Finally, I would also like to thank you for your valuable comments. With the comments above, I realize that everything comes from the number we proposed. We accept the final reward reduction to $8500. Of course it’s not enough for us to pay for building a youtube channel, but we accept this and will prove that we will do well before there is an adjustment in the amount.

Hey @near.insider,

I think you guys have done a great job with the infographics and consistent posting across your core channels. Having looked through the twitter posts, I can see you’ve put in the work. And the aesthetics are great.

The youtube videos are highlights of the amazing material you’ve been building but it’s not in-depth coverage of specific projects. It’s the highlight without so much of the “why it matters.” It might be the format, it might be the delivery, but it doesn’t quite hit and I’m wondering if it’s going to get better over time.

If you are able to pull the youtube deliverables from your project (-$2800), I can support the project.


Hello @Klint I agree to reduce the reward again. Final reward: $8000

You can now

1)Proceed to Poll on AstroDAO.
2)Once the poll is approved, you need to submit THIS form Ironclad.

How to create a poll? Here is instruction.

Have a great day :blush:

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Thanks for understanding our work. I created poll vote on AstroDAO. Pls vote for it. Thanks!
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Hi @Klint @cryptocredit @so608 pls vote for us. One 19 hours left. Thanks!

I have created new poll for 2 days. Please vote for us @Klint @so608 @cryptocredit @satojandro