[APPROVED] ARTIVIST DAO Funding request - September 2022

Project Name: ARTIVIST DAO

*[INTRODUCTION] Artivist Guild / Artivist DAO

Project Status: [in progress]

Project Accounting: 7.27N account balance

DAO artivist.sputnik-dao.near

Council member: @carolbampa @mhartenthal

Team: @carolbampa, @mhartenthal, @Ledum_IX

Our last proposal here 1.

Our last report here.

Funding Period: September

Hello community, @creativesdao-mods !

We understand that our project needs to go on, and it makes sense that it happens with the support of the Creatives DAO, as our dapp will be a great achievement of the entire community. It is a project conceived within this network and a proposal by creatives, for creatives.

Artivist will be a platform to help artists in the Near ecosystem to contribute to campaigns in favor of social and environmental causes. It will collaborate with the creative economy and bring new users to our network, especially NGOs and activist collectors. Our purpose is to create opportunities to give back to the community.

We realized that our next step should be to obtain professional assistance for the elaboration of a business plan that will guarantee Artivist’s sustainability in the long term, as the platform will be a tool that goes way beyond technical development and smart contracts. We want to make sure that all incentives we receive will convert into exponential gain, socially and financially, to all of the project’s stakeholders. This is why we are seeking the expertise from qualified professionals to advise us on how to draw a sound business plan.

We continue to work towards a more just, decentralized, and innovative web landscape as we seek to follow our initial roadmap as closely as possible.

Council Matters:

  • Council work
    150 USD * 2 = 300 USD

Sub-total = 300 USD

Project Manager:

  • Develop a sound business plan for strategy and execution of the dapp
  • Manage weekly meetings and prepare agendas
  • Lead and coordinate executive tasks and project purchasing demands
  • Organize project information and processes
  • Prepare funding proposals and elaborate accountability reports
  • Communicate and report to Product Manager
  • Communicate and report to Business Consulting advisor, who will focus on defining Artivist’s Brand and Persona strategies
  • Identify and contact other professionals whose expertise can support the development of Artivist

Sub-total = 900 USD

Product Manager:

  • Develop a well-defined and strategic plan identifying the scope, premises, and needed content for the dapp, based on research
  • Communicate and report to Project Manager
  • Communicate and report to Business Consulting advisor, who will focus on defining Artivist’s Brand and Persona strategies

Sub-total = 900 USD

Business Consulting Services

  • Brand and Persona workshops focussed on Artivist - 6h of online synchronous meetings + asynchronous support for Project and Product Managers

Sub-total = 700 USD

Total Requested Funding Amount: = 2800 USD in Near


HI Carol. I Would love to be a part of your community, i’m a founder of an ngo organisation in nigeria, ( MY DREAM NIGERIA).we could work together on introducing my community to test the artivist dapp.


This would be amazing! We have already done an initial survey with artists and will soon start mapping, listening and sharing ideas with ngos. Having an organization that already knows the world decentralized and within the Near community is the most exciting way to take this step :slight_smile:


Can I attend your seminar? You are asking for sponsorship for the development of a plan. Your suggestion is here on the forum, this is the plan for the month, are you asking for money for this text? If not, then describe your action plan in the proposal so that the community understands what the fund’s money is being spent on.
Thx :blush:

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Hello Stalking, thank you for the interest in Artivist! Right now, the workshops we need to organize are for our founding members only, but we will share the results with the whole community. Also, we think it’s a great idea to offer a brand workshop to all NEAR folks and will include it in our next proposal, so thanks for the suggestion.
As for your question on our current proposal: we realized that we need to take a step back and redraw a more consistent and solid business plan for Artivist, to better envision our needs and the possibilities for the dapp. To do so, we have to dedicate more of our own time to the project. We believe Artivist is much more than a side project. It has the potential to grow and achieve large goals, but for that to happen, we must take care of our foundations.
I hope we responded to your question, but please don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Thank you!

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Thank you for your time to me. I hope to see the seminar report. I will be waiting for the availability of the seminar for anyone.
Thx :blush:


Dear Artivist DAO,

Thank you for the proposal, since the DAO has a clear roadmap & ongoing scheme of work, with the detailed proposal, happy to inform that your proposal has been approved by the Creatives Moderators.

Please create a poll on the Creatives DAO Astrodao, so that the council can vote. When and if the vote of the council is ‘yes’, approach NF for your payout proposal, following this guideline: [New Process] Community Payouts .

Also, feel free to join our Discord Server to Post Your Monthly Reports and Funding Proposals for better organization.

Stay #NEAR! Stay #Creatives!


Hello William, thank you so much for trusting our work! I’ve already joined the Discord Channel and will post our reportst and funding proposals there.


congrats on your approve.


Hello Abby, thank you very much!