[APPROVED] April 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO

April 2022 Social Media Management + Marketing & Communication budget for Incubadora DAO

Project Name: Incubadora DAO

Funding scheme: Monthly

Initiative Summary:

Incubadora DAO is a laboratory for experimentation in arts + technology. It is a platform to promote the collaboration between artists, academics, curators, creatives and cultural practitioners. Due to the growing precariousness of the cultural sector and artistic labor, we intend to ideate emancipatory solutions and help reshape the traditional art ecosystem using blockchain and DeFi purposes.

Thanks to the Marketing DAO support plus the growing refinement of our promotional targeting and coordinated communication actions, Incubadora has been able to increase Its visibility and impact. Across the last month, we had 26 candidates in our Stipends Program, the highest number so far; our March seminar, “Poéticas Digitais - NFT workshop” had more than 80 subscribers; and Incubadora’s Vertical was able to support three projects [link 1,link 3, link 3].

In terms of marketing and communication, our goal is to be a bridge between cultural agents and the NEAR ecosystem by promoting engagement through our multiple channels. The work we made so far has shown that building up our social media engagement, using them to boost the number of people interacting with our Website, Forum, Mintbase Store and TG, is really effective in amplifying the visibility and the adhesion of our activities.

Incubadora’s Communication Channels:

Website | NEAR Forum | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Telegram | YouTube

Monthly marketing and communication tasks/ funding details


  • Management: update information, content and images. Maintenance of the web page layout, making the website the primary resource of information about our events, activities, partnerships and projects - 200 USD 11,8 N
  • Attract audiences from web2 to the web3 environment, inviting researchers to write specialized texts to be featured in our webpage - 300 USD to cover the researcher writing fee 17,7 N
  • Increasing the visibility of the NEAR ecossystem, feeding our Website “news” section with 2 texts about art and technology per week - 200 USD to cover the writer fee 11,8 N

Sub-Total: 700 USD


  • Create one bounty to encourage community members to share our activities, promoting engagement on our social media channels. Example link - 75 USD to cover airdrops for participants 4,4 N
  • Rewarding the participants of our monthly seminars - 75 USD to cover the airdrops 4,4 N
  • Creating and managing the bounties mentioned, making sure the goal was accomplished and the participants get rewarded - 100 USD 5,9 N

Sub-Total: 250USD


  • Grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR ecosystem. Creating three or more posts per week + several stories, connecting with related pages and refining the targeting audiences, searching for and publicizing the initiatives our community partners are promoting - 250 USD 14,7 N
  • 3 posts to be promoted for 10 days in order to increase the visibility of our initiatives and page, having an estimated reach of 5.540 to 14.000 people with previous interest in the art field for example - 35 USD to cover Meta Business advertising tool 2,1 N

Sub-Total: 285USD


  • Managing the page, feeding it with the content of our initiatives and activities, producing two posts per week + several stories; creating and sharing the events for the monthly seminar - 80 USD 4,7 N


  • Grow social media engagement, producing content with links that will lead to the NEAR ecosystem. Creating two to five posts and retweets per week in order to increase our visibility to art and technology enthusiasts and attract new audiences to our activities - 200 USD 11,8 N


  • Moderating the group chat, connecting with artists and partners, helping community members and newcomers with their questions about the NEAR ecossystem, sharing the projects and events of Incubadora - 50USD 3 N


  • Promote education about the NEAR environment around Portuguese-speaking people, producing video tutorials to support our activities and our community. These videos will be displayed on our website, YouTube channel and social media network. Example: link

  • Create 3 new video tutorials with the following themes: re-finance, meta pool and function calls - 900 USD (300 each) to cover scriptwriting, video editing, voice-over, subtitles and translation 53N

  • Feed YouTube channel with the videos produced, create playlists and manage content - 80USD 4,7 N

  • 2 videos to be promoted for 12 days in order to increase the visibility of our content and channel, having an estimated reach of 18.000 people with previous interest in art and technology for example - 30 USD 1,8 N

Sub-Total: 1010 USD


  • Content creation for social media: graphic design of the communication material for the different social media channels - 200 USD 11,8 N
  • As this is a long term project and we use Canva in a daily basis, we would like to apply for an annual subscription - 123 USD 7,3 N
  • Same with Zoom Meetings, the tool we use for running seminars and meetings - 156 USD 9,2
  • Diversify our marketing strategies, designing merchandising materials such as tote bags, stickers and so on, in order to promote both Incubadora and NEAR brands - 150 USD to cover the designer fee 8,9 N

Sub-Total: 629 USD


Website: reach 700 visits per month

Instagram: go from 1571 to 1750 followers

Facebook: go from 307 to 330 followers

Twitter: go from 817 to 870 followers

Telegram: go from 128 to 138 group members

YouTube: reach 1k views in our content during the month

Total requested amount

  • 3.204 USD

NEAR Wallet ID/ DAO: incubadora.sputinik-dao.near/ jmm.near

Wallet owner’s name: Incubadora DAO/ jmm.near

Previously funded proposals in the Creatives DAO and Marketing DAO categories:

March budget - Creatives DAO

March budget - Marketing DAO

Thank you! :dizzy: :purple_heart:

herikalcn edit 1N = 16,95 USD


Good evening!

  • What do you think how many active community members (approximately) we got from Incubadora DAO since November 2021?

Thank You


Hey @Dacha ! :slight_smile:

difficult question, eheh, but I will try to answer.

Since November, and looking at our main activities (EDUCATIONAL, seminars, ARTIST SUPPORT, stipends, VERTICAL, all kinds of artistic projects and collaborations), we have:


  • created 7 video-tutorials (6 visible, 1 repeated because the wallet configuration keeps changing) with 561 views. These videos are available on youtube and on our website, and have been shared by multiple DAOs in the creatives ecosystem.
  • created 4 seminars, with around 25 participants each and around 70 registration each. Those seminars were available on youtube and were watched 209 on youtube (one seminar missing, not yet uploaded). These seminars are allowing us to reach more people in the PALOPS (portuguese-speaking countries). When we did our survey, more than a month ago, most of our collaborators were from Brazil and Portugal, and that is slowly changing, which is one of our goals. We already had registrations from Angola and Mozambique, to our stipends and seminars.
  • partnertship with Philosophers DAO for one seminar in April; partnership with CAC (https://www.conglomeradoatelierdocentro.com/sobre-cac) for 4 seminars (May onwards), which we bring Incubadora and NEAR to around 100 students in Brazil.

(artist support)

  • created 4 artist stipends program (2 months of support for 4 artists); the first open call got 9 applicants, the second got 18, the third got 22 and the fourth got 26. The total is 75, all with submissions on the forum, and several with wallets being created. Some of those artists are beginners, but some are established artists in their own fields.
  • one of the supported artists showcased her work on an exhibition in venice (difficult to establish reach on this one).


  • We have supported the creation of a travel-podcast, from a well established musician.
  • one of the supported artists showcased her work at an exhibition in São Paulo (difficult to establish reach on this one).
  • one workshop approved with Colectivo Amarelo, an art collective from Lisbon (and ties to Brazil), to happen in April.
  • one virtual gallery (via QR code) and text (talking about Incubadora, NEAR and 3XR) in an international art magazine (hard to establish reach on this one, but several hundred readers, at least).
  • We have a project with CUDO, called CUBASHOTS, in which we create video interviews of relevant artists; the first, with artist Manu Romeiro, got, so far, 1284 views. We have 2 more videos ready to launch; and more, these are artists that will multiply the interest of the local artistic community in our projects.


  • In November, Incubadora was an active part in creating an NFT exhibition on NEARCON, at Lisbon.
  • We have an official partnership with 3XR; Incubadora is leading the way on community projects that bring more users to 3XR’s platforms.
  • Our efforts helped several DAOs being created (CUDO, DEMONSTRA, COSMIA, SP55, INA, WRITER’S GUILD, TIBIRA, VR-DAO (helped for many months, at the request of the then Creatives DAO council), we helped with the Lisbon City Node efforts and helped several DAOs with guidance.
  • We have collaborated with Mintbase (today we have a shared NFT showcase in Lisbon).
  • With the help of the Marketing DAO we have created several bounties that engage people from our social media; I won’t quote numbers, as I believe those are documented in our Marketing DAO reports.

In all these efforts, we try to use the forum, as well as social media, and for all payouts, we demand that people have a NEAR wallet and create the payout themselves on astrodao. There are a few exceptions, but we focus on people being autonomous. From that, people engaging with us quickly start engaging with other DAOs, which makes us happy. I honestly don’t know how much people become part of the community (it also depends how to define that community), but I’m sure most become really interested in learning more, and apply to bounties, verticals, engage on art contests created by other DAOs, etc

FINAL NOTE: Since May 2021, when Incubadora was founded, our goal was to bridge web3 and the NEAR ecosystem with traditional art markets in the Portuguese-speaking world. Our council members background (2 are curators in museums, 1 is a dance producer, 1 is an established visual artist, 1 is a published writer) makes us value certain things more than others. We have 2 persistent goals: the first is to widen our reach to all the Portuguese-speaking countries and help artists from those countries deploy their work in web3 systems, the second is to maintain the highest possible artistic standards. That means that we will not be the group to achieve 1 million users, we will try to be the group on-boarding high profile artists, curators and researchers. Those value many things that are hard to accomplish, specially ‘status’ and ‘credibility’, and this is a slow process, that needs consistence. We are really happy with Incubadora DAO’s work because we have seen artists go from’‘we don’t care about crypto’ and ignoring our Open Calls and activities, to ‘please tell me more’ or ‘I want to be a part of this’ in a short period of time.


Hi @herikalcn thank you for your well presented proposal and the comprehensive reply to @Dacha request.

Please await further feedback from @marketingdao-council members


After reading through the proposal and the response to Dacha’s question, I am wondering whether you have found that the social media, YouTube and other marketing efforts you’ve outlined are bringing your team your ideal/target audience?

I ask this because you’ve had a number of months running the project at this point, so you have some data to look back at and evaluate. When you look back at what’s happened since your start, what channels, marketing activities and outreach efforts by the team have been the most impactful in terms of bringing your ideal target audience into your project and programs?

I think it is important to not only focus on numbers and how many people are looking at a channel, but how each channel is helping you accomplish your goals.

If you are trying to reach high-profile artists, curators, researchers, etc., what is the best way to find them? Is it Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, etc., or would you be able to onboard more people into your programs another way – i.e. through partnerships or direct outreach to arts organizations? Maybe it is through social media channels, maybe not. Curious to get your thoughts on that.

For background, so you and others understand my POV, when I am looking at proposals from ongoing projects, I am looking not only for reasonable funding requests and evidence of growth, but also information about whether the marketing activities are helping the project and its team accomplish their goals.


It’s been a pleasure interacting with the new Marketing team, you are raising questions that allow us to grow and look at our efforts in a different perspective.

I will let other members from Incubadora reply (as I’m not particularly active in the marketing activities), but wanted to say that following Dasha comments from the last 2 months (and others) we have tried to trim on some networks, like facebook, telegram and even youtube (the management part) and looked at what brought us more engagement with our creative activities.

Our conclusion, at least for now, is that Instagram brings us the most engagement from the portuguese-speaking world, twitter allows us to still be a part of the global crypto community, and youtube content is what has the most impact in terms of creating current and future viewers and members.

That is why we shifted focus to the creation of tutorials (and we have other video content, supported by the creatives dao)

We are also starting to change the way we run marketing bounties. They were, in the past, too generic: they created buzz, but maybe not from the right people. Last month, our main bounty was made in parternship with 3XR tool ‘CreateThing’ (that allows people to create NFT galleries as NFTs) and targeted at artists and creators in the community. Less people, but more targeted and, we believe, with more long-term results.

I will shut up now. Thank you for your input!


Hello @so608

Thanks for your questions and insights!

When we look back, the consistency of our program + our social media engagement appears to be at the core of our growth. The more we grow, the more participants our activities have. Here, IG and Twitter play a key role. IG is really good on mobilizing artists and creatives, while Twitter works well on connecting our artsy profile with tec enthusiasts. These two are also responsible for the growing number of people interacting with our website, NEAR forum page and YouTube content, and also for attracting participants from Portuguese-speaking countries in Africa, for example.

Channels like Facebook work better to promote events and attract audiences outside other channels, but do not produce as much engagement as IG or TT. That´s why we changed the amount requested this month. Same with Telegram and YouTube. The work on Telegram is more dedicated to moderating the group and supporting our community members. YouTube is more a useful repository for our educative and other activities videos. Good visibility here will allow us to establish new partnerships with artists and institutions in the future.

Having a solid activities program, well-publicized on social media channels with good visibility increases our credibility and makes it possible for us to build better and more significant partnerships: like the ones with CUDO, FITA and Coletivo Amarelo. These are crucial partnerships to connect with the local and international community of prominent artists and creators.

We consider Its important to focus on social media marketing in the first half of this year and then progressively adopt other strategies beyond the digital options. That’s why we want to start producing merchandising materials to communicate both Incubadora’s and NEAR brands in the context of our next in-person activities and events, for example. So far, considering the team and funding we have, our marketing strategies have worked.

Thank you!


Hey @herikalcn
I like how thorough you are. I’m mostly on board with this proposal but can you help define a few things:

Writing Specialized text
1). Inviting researchers to write specialized texts to be featured in our webpage - 300 USD to cover the researcher writing fee
What is this specifically referring to?

2). Bounties and airdrops
I’m curious with the bounties and airdrops you’re doing. What is the process for setup and cut off before awarding these?


Hey @Klint

Thank you! Here we go:

  1. This is related to the essays we invite academic researchers to write and publish on our website. The first texts are an extent of the topics covered in our monthly seminars, going deeper on the conversations around Afrofuturism and Militant Cinema for example. We already have the texts by Dr. Kênia Freitas and Leonardo Gonçalves published. The text by researcher Potira Maia is on It’s way. For April we intend to invite researchers that are not necessarily related to our monthly seminar but have interesting research concerning art, technology and/or Its intersections. The goal here is to attract the community around them to our community as well

  2. Here are the last bounties we made: link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4, link 5. To be awarded here, the participant has to follow the instructions and once the goal is accomplished we proceed to the airdrops, following the limit established in the guidelines. In the context of our monthly seminars, we onboard the participants, helping them to create their wallets and at the end or during the event we spread the airdrops


Hello @Adrenaline81

Thanks for being interested in our project!
Our content creation role is already assigned, but feel free to send us your portfolio and tell us more about you :grin:


:dizzy: :dizzy:

Thank you for awesome contribution in Near Community. Happy to support you proposal.


good afternoon/night @marketingdao-council
Could you please provide us a final feedback on this?
Are there more questions? Can we help clarify something else?
Thank you!

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Hi @herikalcn also happy to support this proposal


Thank you for your replies to the questions. I am happy to support this proposal. I am moving it to approved. You can submit to Astro. Thanks!

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thank you so much Lorraine. We appreciate your attention!

Thanks a lot @cryptocredit

Thank you @Dacha
We are learning and improving our work with all feedback you and other council members and advisors are giving us :slight_smile:

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