[Approved] April 2022 Education program on Telegram chat bot

Our Idea
Blockchain education for expats, locals and newbies through a simple telegram bot to solve the problem of exchanging meju experts and using blockchain technologies for payments in the NEAR ecosystem.

Telegram: @iziventure is our investment channel

Guild name Goa Expat
Name Kseniya112
Funding scheme: Monthly

1. Goal and Activities

  1. We want to unite the already existing community in Asia (GOA, Bali, Sri Lanka) in a Telegram channel and a chat bot, where users can learn how to work with blockchain and exchange services. Using the ecosystem as a base platform;

Local community chats in GOA:

  • goaPeople2019 - 3200 subscribers

  • forum_india - 6800 subscribers

  • goa_valimna - 369 subs

  • go2nepal - 900 subscribers

  1. We want to educate expats and digital nomads on how to handle cryptocurrencies through a simple bot with video and text instructions, screen recordings.

  2. We want to create 3 tutorial videos with wallet overview, ecosystem registration and exchange process for new users;

  3. We want to create our own coin inside the DAO for voting and exchanging resources (housing, food, knowledge)

  4. We want to create a giveaway on Telegram chanel to thank our users in Russian. Followers have to complete the registration through the bot and have wellet. We will choose by random.

  5. We will produce 1 education bot for beginners. As the starting point of user interaction with minimal effort and complexity for entry.

  6. Increase the number of users by connecting local businesses, projects in the community, creating your own coin.

We live in India, Goa, and for 3 years we have developed a rather dense Russian-speaking community, where everyone already knows each other by sight and who does what.

2. Reach

Till end of April, we are expecting to reach:

  • Impressions of post reach min 10K each month
  • 500 subscribers on Telegram
  • 100 new users in Near

3. Metrics to measure success

Successful activity until the end of April means:

  • One telegram bot with 8-10 steps from zero to beginner

  • Active account Near Bot edu - with 500 users

  • Report on impressions for April.

4. Cost

  • 1 copywriter: write training steps for the bot, write scripts and texts for videos.
  • 1 designer: creating pictures and infographics in corporate style
  • 1 programmer: creating and coding a bot on the platform, testing and restructuring
  • 1 Project manager: Connect to the project to get the task. Team Management. Planning, reporting, team meetings, coordination, prepare articles, get in contact with crypto sites, brainstorming


=> 1 bot develop with 10 steps - 300$

=>3 video guide/education - 200$

=> 20-30 text message and longread: $200

=> Advertising: $200

We will send a report at the end of the month.

Wallet ID: premasoul.near

Total: 1000$

Thanks for feedback

An example of a bot
For exchanging cryptocurrency /near_wallet_bot
Predictor bot example /oshozentarotbot
Chanel of venture investments /iziventure

What else? :speech_balloon:

The learning bot is the first step in the customer journey. We figured out how to connect the tasks of expats and tokens, namely:

  • Creation of an internal task exchange for the community, for which a person can receive internal tokens

Example: the community creates a request to solve a certain legal issue - an auction is opened for this task where people vote with their stakes and the value that a person can receive for taking on this task is formed. Maybe someone didn’t know how to apply themselves, but by going to this exchange they can try themselves in something that they didn’t think about before, thereby solving one of the problems of the community.

  • An internal exchanger that will help people change their local many $ for cash

  • A sharing economy platform where people can exchange things or services

  • Knowledge base with an assessment of the usefulness of knowledge in tokens

  • Creation of a DAO of activists involved in all organizational issues, development, implementation, training and implementation of all these ideas.

How to implement:

We need to start small, give people real bonuses, in exchange for just a little learning to start using tokens.

People will start using this system, get a taste, and gradually we will implement all the ideas, expand people’s knowledge in practice.

:pray: Om. Thank u for feedback


@MktngDAO_Advisors :blush:

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Good evening. Looks good and reasonable for me.

Just for information

How many local businesses are ready to accept the coin? What kind of companies?


Thanks for the question.

A network of expat friends located in tourist places in India and Bali, there are at least 10 of them in the first approximation, in each place there are 100-200 cafes, 50-100 grocery stores. 10-20 fresh food markets.

This is approximately 1600-3200 points of potential payment acceptance points, not counting gesto houses and other small businesses.
After starting the project.

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Wow, awesome. Good luck

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Dacha, tell me please, what is a process for confirm this proposal?
that is next step?

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Please, wait for feedback from Marketing DAO councils. Thanks

I like the concept. You’ve got my support… but can you also put the links to your channels to confirm?


@Kseniya112 also happy to give your project my support

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@Kseniya112 I can’t move it to approved , before we get the links. Thank You :blush:

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Namaste, Klint.
Yes wonna put link in text, but Im new one. So I’ll put it here. All chat in Telegram


Good evening! Your proposal was Approved on the forum.
Please, follow these steps to get approval on Astro DAO



Hello @marketingdao-council I posted in Astro dao.



Hi @Kseniya112, thanks for your proposal!

Even though my colleagues have moved the proposal to Approved, it is normal for some Council members to dissent or ask further questions.

First I would like to know more about your personal and professional background and any previous work that you’ve done within the NEAR community. I note that this is your first post on the community forum and we don’t have any data points to help us assess the proposal.

Among the key considerations I’d like to learn are:

  • why are you and your team able to deliver on the proposed project?
  • Why don’t you have a custom NEAR wallet? (‘yourname.near’)

This aims to be an education and onboarding project, yet you are requesting funds from a default wallet (long string of random characters) which would suggest you are either requesting directly from an Centralised Exchange and may not even have a NEAR wallet.

I would also like to note that you proposal has a lot of ‘We want…’ followed by aspirational statements. I would much rather see ‘We have…’ followed by examples of your commitment to the community and ability to execute.

Finally, I also want to clarify that a low level request such as this one would usually attract less scrutiny. However, given that this is coming from a new anonymous account posting for the first time and in a low-cost region, we do have to ask for more information.

In it’s current form, I am unable to support his proposal.


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@satojandro Thanks for the questions.

I personally have no experience of interacting on the Near forum yet. The team from the DAO Goa told me about the project about the opportunities and prospects, about this ecosystem and the support of educational ideas.

A little about my experience, I worked in marketing for 7 years, trained as a business analyst, invented and implemented a chat bot in my store.
I have a wonderful clear head for the project and a team of the same guys.

I like the idea of ​​bringing value and exchange opportunities within the community where I live without being tied to banks. Be free of cards.
And to learn how to use this system, the guys who are still far from bitcoin.
The project needs experience and ideas, faith in it. We have developments, creatives and necessity.
Of course, it must be said that there is already a chat bot wallet with registration. But he does not solve the problem - to take the pen and explain the terms, exchange schemes. Now information needs to be sought in different sources, in different languages. This is a big barrier for newbies.

I, as the same target audience, try it on myself, asking questions to experienced brothers. And right away I want to convey the experience in an automated and simple way.

Why did we apply for a grant?
In the project, I act as a project manager. Programmers have their own solutions for bots, I, like them, have their own projects in the work. That is, there is no free resource to raise a project at our own expense, which, according to our estimates, requires at least 180 man-hours. The grant will help reallocate time resources.
By the way, I figured that implementation would take 2 months with a margin, instead of one. It will be more honest.

So why don’t I have my own NEAR wallet? (“Your name.beside”). It is, but trying to change the name from numbers to letters, the site creates a new account, instead of changing mine. I can record a video of the process if needed.

OM. wish y bast


Dear @Kseniya112 looking forward to seeing report. Thank You :blush:

@Kseniya112 good evening