[Approved] April 2022 Content & Infographic Production - Near Insider Guild

For curious :grinning: Community DAO members, thread is starting here

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I mean I can pick 6 projects/month to support. Can you recommend our form-filling projects?
If not, I will do overview of projects in ecosystem. And more support for new projects such as: partnership with Near, get grant from NF…
It still follows the Kpis I have set. Still the value created for the Near ecosystem in terms of reach from our fans. Thanks @Dacha

Good!. Hi, @near.insider.

I understand that you are looking to have six projects to promote during April. I’d like to see a simple list of what you have so far, please DM me here in the NEAR Forum. Thank you very much


Pls check. Thanks @jblm

Hi, Nice try, but the link you sent me takes me to the form. I can’t see what projects you have that are in your plan for April 2022.


Hi @jblm,

I think they can structure their plan to a promotion service like this. Just like Stars Guild and Near Design Guild.

Since @near.insider is a service DAO, I think it’s better for the DAO to have a secured budget & create an open call for other projects/daos/guilds in the ecosystem after council’s approval for 3 reasons:

  • More time for DAOs/Guilds to be aware of their support & apply

  • The Near Insider DAO themselves can know they have a secured budget to implement services => avoid delays from requests to actual campaigns

  • Since Marketing verticle can hold on to their future proposals until Near Insider report this project, there’s no need for the DAO to gather 6/6 requests beforehand.

@near.insider has proven their contributions for the ecosystem for their constantly growing channel, listed on Awesomenear.com under the Education category, winner of DAOcubator & followed by Near Protocol Official twitter.

I believe other Projects/DAOs/Guilds can benefit from the approval of this proposal through the great value they can generate in terms of marketing.

Support this proposal. Looking forward to more cool content produced for projects/guilds/daos via this verticle.


Pls send me your email. I will add you. But currently, no one has signed up yet. How can these projects be registered?

As I said, If not, I will do overview of projects in ecosystem. And more support for new projects such as: partnership with Near, get grant from NF…
It still follows the Kpis I have set. Still the value created for the Near ecosystem in terms of reach from our fans. Thanks @jblm

Hi @near.insider thank you for your well written proposal.

I note the comments from @williamx and that you have a proven track record within the Near ecosystem.

I await comments from other marketing DAO council members, but am happy to Approve.


Thanks @cryptocredit ! Hope the council is still interested in our proposal and give comments

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That will make sense and increase transparency, I love the idea of near insider, you guys are doing great work.

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Thanks @Ejabani jabani but can you tell me how long i will wait for approval of this proposal?

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As soon as @marketingdao-council finish reviewing your approval will be guaranteed.

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I know but it’s been more than 15 days and I haven’t received any response. Today is April 01.

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Hi @near.insider – in general, I have confidence in your proposal because of the following things:

  • Demonstrated audience you have already built on Twitter & Telegram
  • Evidence of regular posting activity
  • High-quality graphics
  • Reasonable funding request for the work (~$250/company you will promote, for example)
  • Support from other community members

Here are my questions:

  • Do you promote any company that applies or is there any selection criteria or prioritization for certain projects over others? It looks like you are focused mainly on DeFi? Either way, I think the selection criteria and process should be transparent to community members.
  • Do you have a link to a previous report? I would like to encourage all proposals for repeat funding include a link to a previous report.
  • Do you produce any longer-form content at the moment or only infographics?
  • @Dacha ask for a list of projects, I would like to understand your answer to that request. If the projects are not available/selected yet, can you explain why? I need to understand the situation there before I can approve.

Along with those questions, two thoughts for you as you move forward and grow your project:

  • Have you reached out to the team at Near Week? Since you do not seem to produce long-form content, perhaps you could find interesting ways to collaborate with them in the future.
  • Can projects collaborate with you for higher-level promotional packages? Offering a premium promo package would be a good way to generate revenue and grow your project in the future.

Good morning. I suggest to put your proposal on hold, before we get a list of projects for promotion. I requested the list in Community DAO group and here many many times. Unfortunately, didn’t get any response. Thanks

Ps: I see many mistakes and inaccurate information in your infographics, what the way to fix them? Thanks

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Thanks for reply! Like I said, we’re always here to help with subscription projects. Without it, we still operate and create value for the ecosystem with quality analytical articles, users do not have to go to each resource to read tedious numbers that do not know how to summarize. 4 months with 10,000 followers, making it easier for projects in the ecosystem to reach users and until now we have only submitted proposals. It would be a bit unfair if this proposal was rejected and we got nothing.

I totally agree with @so608 i will expand category support, not just focus on defi

Finally, in response to @Dacha 's question, we will moderate with projects when they are posted. Some small mistakes are inevitable when working, thanks for the feedback

I hope you understand my work and be fair to it. Thanks!

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Ok, I propose reduce rewards to $750 (4500/6) and cover one account with common infographics (Aurora, Near). Additionally, would be great to see translations on Spanish and Russian (probably it can cost extra money +$200-$300)

They left Near Ecosystem, new name is Zeg Race, Polygon


Have never heard about Crypto Empire and Protoball

Can you tell me why the reward is only $750/month? @Dacha . While this amount is only equal to the salary of a designer with 2 years of experience. How can we generate 200-300 articles for only $750/month from topics of insights, analytics, on-chain and reporting.

We are having to brainstorm and use our brains to create such a media channel. Most of the big projects have followed us on twitter, if we were just making simple news we wouldn’t have received their support.

$750/month, this is only slightly higher than the pay for an individual freelance on OWS. It’s really sad if you judge our work for the past 4 months with a low price. You can refer to all other media channels, about their growth compared to ours. Thanks for the reply but it’s sad to write these lines

4500 USD For 6 projects, $750 / one. As I know NearInsider recently signed many partnerships with Near and Aurora projects, so I hope your busy researchers and designers can take one account from this proposal.

Ps : OWS contributors rewards was ~ $100 for Twitter.

I appreciate your work and Marketing DAO approved meet up with your team , but as I mentioned above, we don’t have 6 projects for promotion.

I proposed great solution :muscle:

You can read our proposal again. Not $4500 for 6 projects. $4500 to grow our channel. As our channel grows and reaches more people, it’s a contribution to the ecosystem. Regarding 6 projects, when selected, it means that we will focus more on analysis and support for these 6 projects. In addition, without these 6 projects, we still support the entire ecosystem by category. Thanks @Dacha !