[Approved] and [Report] Metaverse DAO - MARKETING 03/2022

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Pool in Astrodao.

Thank you! I am very grateful for the opportunity and trust.
We are doing our best.
May this work continue progressive





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MariMoon artist verificad follow now Metaverse Dao in Instagram!

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Project Report


Project Status: CONCLUDED


TWITTER: https://twitter.com/Met4verseDao

INSTAGRAM : Login • Instagram

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/Met4verseDao

SITE: https://metaversedaonear.com

DISCORD: Metaverse DAO

LINKTREE: @met4verse | Linktree

DADOS DO METACOIN: NEAR Explorer | Account




During the month of March, although we started work after the proposal was approved shortly after the beginning of the month, we had good results.

Through Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, events, metacoin and post-events were publicized.

In addition, the front-end created the Metaverse-DAO website in a very timely manner, bringing a fun and pleasant design to remember the metaverse space.

You can access a visual map to buy Metacoin, we had prospecting, and through marketing metacoins were sold.

We also had the honor to have as a follower the Brazilian TV host, blogger MariMOON.

The discord channel, despite having few members yet, has the events organized, links and descriptions in each channel. Besides having a welcome bot always welcoming new members to the server.

Our reach numbers were high, and we had good interactions. The Metatronic @Isa_Danoninho and 4woman with @macieira events were well publicized through posts and reeels.

After we found out that there was already a Youtube channel we held meetings with some members of the DAO and with the person responsible for the videos to understand the dynamics of the work and add more value to the audiovisual content generated by him.

The events and activities held at the MetaverseDAO building at Cryptovoxels are of great importance for the marketing team, because they generate more content needed to spread the word about how important the site is in the ecosystem. During February Alexandre Macieira was in constant contact with Isa Danoninho to understand how the events schedule was made so we could help in the elaboration of an annual schedule. In March we organized the agenda and held together an exhibition in honor of the women’s month and another individual exhibition. At the end of March we also held the 4th edition of MintbaseSunday.

Marketing and Advertising Work

Tasks Performed: Social media, design, graphic arts, copywriting, website, sharing, tweets, retweets, interactions with artists and DAOs, among other tasks.

Project timeline updated:

We started work on 03/01/2022 and concluded today 03/31/2022, with the delivery of this report.


I call one of the councils @beetlejuice to deliver the passwords and loggins


Working in a team is very rewarding, especially when the team is well consolidated.
We me, @ViniciusGCP94 , @macieira , work well together.

Numbers may be essential, but a job well done will bring good results.

Next steps: We will focus on other work, we no longer want to work with Metaverse Dao.

I wish success to the next team . And if you need the PSD materials, we will send them for you to follow.

DISCORD SERVER: 23 members (all new), 4 announcements, 2 events, 9 news, 6 posts (complete tutorial on how to buy metacoin), 6 NEAR tutorials, 65 mints from the Metaverse store (including the 3 DAO magazines).

Weekly follow up.

SITE: Site with a total of 5 pages, in navigation we have links (Home, Metaverse, Events, Networks and Metacoin) within the Events page contains the 2 links that interact to the events held at Dao (Metatronic and 4Women) each event with a description and photos. On the home page there are 2 videos about the Metaverse DAO youtube events, on the Metaverse page it talks a little bit about what is the Metaverse DAO and its goals, on the Networks page there are links to the Metaverse DAO’s social networks and on the Metacoin page it talks about the cryptocurrency, the benefits that the individual has when buying it and also a tutorial on how to acquire the cryptocurrency.

TWITTER: 159 followers (50 new followers), 23 tweets, 6,659 tweet impressions, 3,834 profile visits, and 96 mentions.

We still had actions such as clicking on the heart drawing and commenting on numerous publications throughout the month of February. Besides interacting with the publications that used our hashtag #Met4verseDAO #METAVERSE #METACOIN #Met4verseNear and also monitoring the notifications of our profile.

INSTAGRAM: 160 followers, 13,067 people reached, 33,892 impressions, we had follower highlight, Verified follower Marimoon Brazilian TV presenter is following MetaverseDao on Instagram.

In addition to Metacoin sales

20 posts, including 16 cards, 4 reel videos.

61 stories


Reach 207 people, 55 page visits, 210 Likes, 212 followers.

20 posts, including 16 cards, 4 video reels.

61 stories


As we presented in the March proposal, MetaverseDAO’s Youtube Channel would be created to develop a work to divulge all the events and activities that happen in the DAO’s building at Cryptovoxels. After approving the proposal and talking to the DAO board members we found out that there was already a Youtube channel since January. We had not been told this information before. In contact with the person responsible for the channel videos, we had some conversations to understand the dynamics of the work and suggested some actions to develop a strategic plan to integrate the content generated on Youtube with other social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. The strategic plan for a better use of the YouTube content would be presented in April’s proposal.

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Instagram/ Facebook

01/03/2022 Creation of the layouts

02/03/2022 - 1 Tweet
1 instagram post
Creation of facebook page : Redirecting...


07/03/2022 - 1 post on instagram
1 Post on Facebook

08/03/2022 - - 1 post on instagram
1 Post on Facebook

03/09/2022 - 1 post on instagram
1 Post on Facebook

03/10/2022 - - 1 post on instagram
1 post on Facebook
3 stories

03/11/2022 - 55 Real ( 10.84 USD) INSTAGRAM POST for 5 Days
2 Post on instagram
2 Facebook Post
3 stories

WEEK 3 -

03/14/2022 - 1 REELS Facebook AND instagram

15/03/2022 - 1 post on instagram
1 post on Facebook
3 stories

16/03/2022- - 1 REELS Facebook E instagram

03/17/2022 - 1 post on instagram
1 post on Facebook
6 stories

03/18/2022 - 2 post on instagram
2 Posts on Facebook
7 stories

WEEK 4 -

03/21/2022 - - 1 post on instagram
1 post on Facebook
3 stories

03/22/2022 - - 1 post on instagram
1 post on Facebook
3 stories

03/23/2022 - - 1 post on instagram
1 post on Facebook
1 story

03/24/2022 - - 1 post on instagram
1 post on Facebook
1 story

03/25/2022 - - 1REELS (video production)
1 Post on Facebook
1 story

Week 5

03/30/2022 - 2 post on instagram
2 post on Facebook
2 stories

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GM, Natasha.

See your report. I want to thank you for your work and your team work <3
Thanks for the numbers and achievements.

I will accept the psd files, tks <
You can send me the passwords from social media trough TG.
And how about the site domain? its a life time domain?

Hope we can do something together in art field.

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GN, Rafaela.

Thank you soo much.

The hosting is for 1 year, then you need to renew. I send directly to you the passwords, logins, and the PSD files with the layouts I created.
I hope you can keep making good art.
All the best, thanks a lot for the trust.

Success, peace!

Hi @Natashacremonese @ViniciusGCP94 @macieira , how are you?
I’m Klara Kopi, member of the council for the Metaverse DAO and I need your assistance, please.
I’ve tried accessing our socials today and Gmail asked for the authorization of a cellphone (with the final numbers 30), so I can’t access our Gmail and without it I can’t access Instagram and Discord.
Could you please help me with that, maybe by removing the said cellphone from Gmail?

Thanks in advance and best wishes,
Klara Kopi.

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@klarakopi Yes removed.

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Hi Natasha, good afternoon. Is still not working and requesting a verification by code through the cellphone.
I appreciate that you’re being so fast in trying to solve it, thank you :pray:

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Chamei vc no inbox pq tem cod de segurança

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Me envia seu numero de cel com Ddd aii eu adc na segurança. Precisa ter. Conseguiu acessar?

Não consegui ainda, vou te mandar inbox. Obrigada!

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acompanha comigo pelo chat

A DM? Ou outro lugar?

All solved, thank you @Natashacremonese !

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