[APPROVED] 7º Lisbon Poetry Festival

Project Name: 7º Lisbon Poetry Festival - The Final Event
Members: João Innecco // joaoinnecco.near
Period: September

The project: The Lisbon Poetry Festival is an initiative created in 2016, which has as its main objective the valorization of the Portuguese Language and the encouragement of reading. Over the past years, it has fostered the democratization of the word through the participation of Lusophone poets of various ages, classes, genders and races. It is a Festival open to the public and to all nationalities, but only people who have Portuguese as their mother tongue can participate in the commemorative anthology and compete for the prizes under the terms and conditions established in the regulations.

Numbers until this edition:
We had 650 people as visiting audience in the first four in-person editions until 2019;
There were 11 countries participating in the Portuguese Language Preservation initiative with immigrant poets;
436 poets participating in the last 6 editions;
CULTURE 16 workshops/workshops, 42 round tables, 2 poetic shows and 15 tertulias;
DISCOVERY OF NEW AUTHORS Publication of 5 poetry solo books written by the winning poets.
LIVE TRANSMISSIONS 14 thousand views of the two virtual editions of the FPL 5 thousand followers on the Instagram page.
ENCOURAGING READING 4 tertulias held in public places in Lisbon and 11 Tertúlias held by lives.

About the Festival curator: João Innecco (1993) is a poet, educator and LGBTQ+. He is a member of Transarau and Poetas do Tietê, has a degree in Pedagogy from the Faculty of Education at the University of São Paulo (USP). He is an educator at Cursinho Popular Transformação, a cursinho that focuses its actions for the trans, transvestite, and non-binary population. He also works as an educator in prisons, at Sarau Asas Abertas, a sarau held inside penitentiaries in the state of São Paulo, which was nominated for the Jabuti Prize 2020. Still in the prison context, he is the creator of the project Entre Versos e Vigas with LGBTs incarcerated in the CDP III of Pinheiros. In addition, he is an art educator at A4 Mãos Zines - Escola Ambulante de Autopublicação facilitating the materialization of thoughts and producing authorial, low-cost and high potential communicative/pedagogical prints. He is the editor of the Trans Anthology (2017) and the anthology Earth - a poetics of us (2021), organizer of the books Open Wings Sarau : Women’s Penitentiary of the Capital (2019) and The Silence of the Train (2019), author of the book Concrete (2015) and the craft publications Fumaça (2017), Tinto (2018), Solo (2019) and Baby (2019). He participates in several anthologies and journals, such as Tente Entender o Que Tento Dizer : poesia + hiv/aids (2018), A Resistência dos Vaga-lumes (2019), Além da Terra Além do Céu (2017), Vein and Ventania (2018), Lavoura Magazine, Philos Magazine, and Noise Manifesto Magazine.
After being invited two years in a row to compose the program of the Lisbon Poetry Festival with his authorial work, João Innecco was invited to sign the curatorship of the VI Lisbon Poetry Festival, which took place in September 2021. The Festival had 104 registered poets, residing in 14 different countries. João Innecco invited 30 poets from 6 different countries to compose the program, including Mia Couto, Boaventura de Sousa Santos, Judite Canha Fernandes, Luz Ribeiro, Poetas d’Alma, and TRANSarau. The event had 11 thousand views in 7 days. Login • Instagram

The proposal: To fund the closing event of the Lisbon Poetry Festival, curated and produced by João Innecco, which will take place on September 18 with the Performance of poets + open stage.

The poets:

ELIANA N’ZUALO is a storyteller from Mozambique, based in
Maputo who currently works independently. Through her
through her work explores themes such as Feminism, Africa and History/Politics. She was one of the speakers at TEDxMaputo 2017 where she spoke about the importance of storytelling. In 2019 she integrated the Anthology “Negras Daqui, Negras de Lá” published in Brazil by Colectivo Raízes and released her first book in the same year, entitled “Elefante Tendai E Os Primos Hipopótamos” by Fundza publishing house. She has been exploring possibilities in audiovisual with the works “Margins” (2019) and “Love Letters for Misbehaving Girls” (2021). Eliana is also a feminist, in love with cats and with words: how words stretch and shrink; how they betray us, how they escape us, and how they are part of who we are - a bit like cats. Login • Instagram

CAROL MATOSSE, age 42. Percussionist since 2016 and member of the band “As Marias” of the School of Communication and Arts at Eduardo Mondlane University. She has participated in major musical cultural events such as Chang Du International Festival in 2017 (China) and recently in the International Jazz Day in Luanda and Benguela 2021 (Angola). Login • Instagram

MÁRCIA PASCOAL, 23 years old, born in Maputo, final year student of Geological and Mining Engineering and bass player. She began her musical training at the National School of Music, where she had the privilege of learning the basics of music (theory and practice) for 4 years. Along the way she got involved in some musical projects, such as More Jazz series (Big Band), and the Xiquitsi Orchestra. Later, she joined the female band “As Marias” as a bass player. Márcia also collaborates with other artists, and has performed at the Raiz Festival, Music Festival, and Luanda’s International Jazz Day. Login • Instagram

THOBILE 'MAKHOYANE’ is from the Kingdom of eSwatini and his musical wizardry finds his fusion influences from home and abroad under his rubric ‘hypno-rock’ - his towering vocals floating divinely over acoustic sounds and a live band is often composed of a mix of traditional and western instruments. Thobile cites golden African voices such as Jabu Khanyile, Smiles Makama, Busi Mhlongo, Suthukazi Arosi, Youssou N’Dour and Oumou Sangaré among her main influences. Co-founder of the duo “Spirits Indigenous” and the women’s collective “SheKings,” Thobile has collaborated with various artists from different artistic disciplines, including theater, video art, installation, contemporary dance, and poetry. Her highly anticipated debut album is scheduled to be released soon. Login • Instagram

GABRIELA ABREU is a journalist and Master’s student in Culture and Communication at the University of Lisbon. Journalist, scriptwriter and copywriter, but she is, above all, a poet and cultural producer. She has two published books “Meu Caderno Azul” (Scortecci, 2015) and “Uma Noite no Meio - Poemas que fiz de ontem para hoje” (Patuá, 2019) and is part of the anthology “Bicho Mudo Viro Bicho” (Poemacto, 2020) and “VOLTA para a tua terra” (Urutau, 2022). Idealizer, curator and host of “Palavras em Contraste” and “Sarau Delas”. She is also a podcaster at “Poesia ao Pé do Ouvido”. Login • Instagram

Funds needed: 1 050 USD
750 USD for the poets’ participation fee (150 USD each);
50 USD for transmission on NEAR HUB (METAVERSO) da MUTI DAO.
250 USD for production allowance; (transportation, food and sound and light technician).

September 18 holding the event with free admission;