[APPLICATION] Programa de Bolsas Artísticas - ddkuperman.near

1. Denise Kuperman / ddkuperman.near

2. Lisboa / Portugal

3. Instagram: @ddkuperman

4. http://ddkuperman.com

5. Artist Statement

I am a brazilian illustrator and graphic designer, and in Brazil we constantly use humor when dealing with frustration, which you can see in my illustrations. As Mary Poppins would say: “a spoonfull of sugar helps the medicine go down”. I am influenced by the meme culture, but also by nonsense British humor, such as Monty Python, and I am interested in creating art that makes us laugh at ourselves, and turns everyday life a little less heavy, and funnier.

6. Planned Project

I intend to use this funding to produce silkscreen T-shirts with my illustrations. I already make coffee mugs, but it’s a much cheaper and easier process, which I can do by myself in a FabLab. The T-shirts are more expensive and I have to hire someone to do them properly.

7. Samples of your work

Check out more samples at my Instagram account :wink:


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Hey, Denise!
Thanks for your submission! We hope to announce the winners by February 1st, good luck! :dizzy: :star_struck:

Olá, Denise!

Thanks for your application! We had more participants than ever and the selection process was not easy for the jury of this 3rd edition.

We used the following evaluation criteria: » Quality of Artwork » Past Experience » Fitting with Incubadora concept »Quality of application »Impact of the Stipend on the artist/project

It was a very hard decision, but unfortunately, your application was not selected for this edition.

You are more than welcome to apply again in the next rounds! Stay tuned :crossed_fingers:t5: :hugs:

Cheers :purple_heart::dizzy:

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