Anyone doing Open Source Hardware projects under the protocol?

Hello everyone,

I have been , tinkering, researching, planning… All sorts of things in relation to a big open source hardware idea that I believe, can be integrated to NEAR protocol.

Is there anyone open to exchange about it?


Hey there! We could create a open hardware class at the forum. @David_NEAR

Its possible to create an open hardware category some where at the forum? Maybe at education? We have some projects to intiate the discuss and it could onboard other projects.


Hey guys, I don’t think we need a category for that just yet. You can create a tag for it, if it continues to grow we can consider a subcategory

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Would love to hear more about it!

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Hey David, glad for having a reply from you.
Well, right now I’m developing a brand and a presentation of the idea.
As soon as its ready I’ll present it to you which as I have read above you would like to have something like it right?

Much obliged and wish y’all a great one.


Would definitely be interested in reading it once it’s ready, looking forward to it :tada:



From my czech friends : standuino π [pi]

from 2011, till now, still working, but a completely random device, according with its protocol + corrosion and oxidation by the Atlantic Sea

there are many more of those toys, but i just want to play with, not really a hardware krafter, and no coder also.

im here for testing, playing and composing for this kind of adventure



That’s ultra cool bud.

I’m going more towards industrial design open hardware.

Like furniture, home appliances, mobility related stuff.

But the goal is to gather people from all sorts of knowledge and fields to design sustainable hardwares and feed this library.

Oh, hehe… Recently shared with you this little presentation I’m working on.

Don’t you know anyone that might be interested in joining me in this journey?

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I am just seeing this now.
But I am interested considering the fact that i am a designer. I have knowledge of Industrial designs using Cinema 4d and Digital design using Figma.

Creating an opportunity for open source designer would be nice because designers don’t really have a community like that where everyone can contribute to your work.

But you are talking about open source hardware here, so how do you intend to do that.

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This is amazing!

I would love to see Open source programming tools and hardware discussions / topics here! Even if it bends to the more artistic or DIY projects, or if it goes to more industrial design applications. As a designer, I like to experiment with both. Interested in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, microcontrolers, sensors, and many other open source hardware/software tech talks. I also love the ideia of creating sound devices with some DIY eletronics and coding. It’s an interesting field of research.


Ultra cool. Would you like to have a online meeting/chat so we can share and work on getting it going?

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Hey bud, what do you think of us scheduling a meeting/chat so we can share our ideas, intentions, abilities and maybe start something together?

Yeah sure, we could.
But next week. You could check out your free time.