[announcement] of octopode dao's physical space in the innovation and technology park of scs/rs/br


Hello community, we at OctopodeDAO would like to share some very good news. The City Hall of Santa Cruz do Sul, in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, through the Special Commission for Planning, Implementation and Monitoring of the Park of Innovation and Technology approved our participation there.

A room was given to OctopodeDAO to be used for a period of one year, in addition to all the local infrastructure such as light and internet, all the common area such as auditorium and outdoor areas that may soon be used for actions and events of our DAO. All this structure is an investment for the year 2023 of more than 30 thousand reais from the Innovation and Technology area of the city in our DAO, one more incentive for those who were born having as their guidelines the Technology and Innovation that are part of the Park’s name, and through these guidelines we can strengthen the other 6 tentacles that are part of the DAO which are: Education, Research, Art, Communication, Social and Collective/Community.

Every month we worked we performed actions and events at NEAR during the year 2022 was extremely important for this achievement, we thank blockchain for their support and really hope we can perform more in 2023 and strengthen ourselves to be sustainable using the whole NEAR ecosystem in our actions helping the community.

Gauten Park of Innovation and Technology

The complex will house up to 40 companies and startups in an area of 2,000 square meters in the Industrial District. Gauten Park of Innovation and Technology is the name that the Santa Cruz do Sul City Hall defined for the site. In German, Gauten refers to a Germanic tribe composed of several groups and clans with various leaders, who inhabited part of today’s Gotland, in Sweden. It is a comparison with the environment of the proposed innovation and technology park, which will bring together enterprises from different sectors in the same physical space.

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