[Advertisement][Recruitment] Content Writer Position for our Medium Blogs

NEAR NFT Club is looking for an NFT enthusiast content writer for managing the activity of our Medium Blog NEAR NFT CLUB – Medium

Our Current Blog Condition

-Right now we can manage to post only 1 Blog every month. Here are the stats of the blog till today (29/08/21)

  • Followers: 5

To increase awareness of NFTs work on NEAR, we would like to scale up the blog postings to 1 blog post every week.

No. of Position: 1
Expected Blogs every Week: 1
Words Limit: 500 - 2000

Key Responsibilities

  1. Coordinate with Club Members
  2. Identify and using the trending Keywords for increasing the visibility of blog posts.
  3. Write 1 Blog every week covering one of the following activities
  • Latest announcements from NEAR NFT Marketplaces
  • NFT Guilds and DAO’s related activities
  • Upcoming announcements from the NEAR NFT segment
  • Comparisons of other Blockchain NFTs with NEAR NFTs ecosystem.
  1. Write Custom NFT related Blog posts as needed to boost or create awareness by the Club.



  • Having knowledge of the NFT ecosystem in NEAR will be an advantage.
  • After filling the form please comment below.
  • Recruited Member will be notified here.
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Nice project, please I will be glad if you accept my application I’m really looking forward to part of the near future truly near is the Future, the future is with near, the future is near.

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Hey @Abdulkadir00004
Thanks for filling up the form. Let’s connect.
It would be nice to have a new member with us. :slight_smile:

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Hi. I just submitted an application. Thanks.

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Received. Thanks for the submission.
We will connect with you on Discord within 24 hours.