About the City Nodes category

The City Nodes Category is for organizing the spinning up and management of NEAR Community “Nodes” in key cities worldwide.

These Nodes will allow members of the NEAR ecosystem to have physical hot spots where empowerment and creativity are readily infused.

Some of the benefits to having these local hotspots for creativity & community building on NEAR:

  • Events powered by NEAR (dinners, parties, exhibitions, education, game jams, hackathons, other events)
  • Smaller groups to build legitimate communities.
    • NEAR is the backbone that is constantly interfacing with these communities.
  • Prevent burnout.
    • When a single person is leading a community it’s too easy to quit.
    • When you’ve got a partner you drag each other through.

City Nodes DAO - please use this DAO when submitting payout proposals to support City Node activities.


Hey Chloe this sounds great. Will connect with Yassine here in Berlin this week to get this going.


That would be awesome! With the hackathon coming up soon , it would be amazing to have a “Hack Node” in Berlin.

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Thank you for this opportunity, we are actively developing the City Node in Mukachevo, I really hope to see all of you here. You will see the most amazing atmosphere for creativity, creativity and relaxation. Just look at what water park has opened recently !!!
Here you can freeze conferences and other useful videos.
Various seminars are now constantly held in our premises and their participants are very interested in our topic)))
I think this will work fantastic !!!
We ordered a silver medal from a jeweler at NEAR)))


This looks awesome. I’ll create the “Mukachevo” city node category now so that the topics can be more efficiently organized.

Super excited to follow along :heart_eyes::raised_hands:t4:.

Done: Mukachevo - NEAR Forum

Please feel free to ping me as you want info added/changed in the category :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks a lot. We are determined to redouble our efforts to strengthen and expand the NEAR community)


I think this is a good idea, and I wish there were City Nodes in Vietnam.