[2021-09-21] Sputnik / Astro Update


Noteable Updates

Sputnik v2

  • Astro layouts preview
    • Provided as a good sense of progress, but still some unusable flows and rough edges. We’re holding off on asking for community feedback until the obvious things have been addressed.


  • DNS mapping with @jake
  • astrodao.near deployment of Sputnik v2 Factory contract with @Lastblock
  • Integration bug fixes (MP middleware to front end)
  • Start accepting and fixing feedback from the community


Upcoming Dev/GTM Milestones

  • SEP 24 @starpause speaking about Astro/Sputnik at https://wyohackathon.io/
  • SEP 27 - Collab.Land tipping NEP141 FT in discord (commonly requested feature from Guilds)
  • OCT 4 - Astro ready for public, AMA session with @starpause @ross
  • OCT 11 - Community Livestream with @starpause Ozymandius
  • OCT 26 - Astro talk at NEARCON by @starpause (maybe workshops/booth)
  • ??? - Commonwealth.im interface upgrades
  • ??? - CLI Tool
  • ??? - DeepDAO integration
  • ??? - NEAR DAO Indexer

Will there be a migration path for Sputnik DAOs to Astro? Or will you need to deploy an entirely new DAO on Astro?

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Powerful stuff, happy to help!

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[2021-09-23] Update


• Fixed major issues with DAO Selecting
• Deployed NFT
• Fixed Bounty integration
• Fixed Navigation menu stuck issue
• Refactored Flag saving

• Fix Treasury page integration
• Fix bugs in My Home flow (mostly UI/layout ) related.
• Continue finding and fixing issues

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v2.sputnik.fund DAOs will load and work in the Astro interface.

sputnik.fund (v1) DAOs will need to migrate. We’ll put a guide together for folks going down that path.


Where is that guide brother @starpause?
Thank you